Questions that are Frequently Asked by our Customers

1. How can I be sure of my confidentiality?
We take this question very seriously and exclude all possibilities of data uncovering. Your personal data will be available to a limited number of employees as we assign an ID to each customer and even your writer will not know your name.

2. How can I request a paper?
Our ordering mechanism is very easy. Just click the corresponding button that is available on our website and proceed with the simple procedure.

3. Do you offer any discounts?
We offer various discount options, to find out more about it, contact our representative or check the Prices page.

4. In what types of works do you specialize?
We cover a wide range of academic and business papers and works. If your order seems to be unusual or complicated, just contact us to find out whether we can find an available writer for you.

5. How can I be sure that my paper is unique?
Our company creates only original and unique content that is double-checked by means of the appropriate software. You do not need to worry about such issues as it is our commitment to deliver an excellent and original product.

6. Does my paper require the editor’s check?
Your writer will create a paper and proofread it. If you want to use an advanced option of additional editing, you need to order it.

7. How will I receive my paper?
We will send the ready think piece to your mailbox (which address you have specified by making the order). You can also get your paper by logging in your account and downloading it directly from our website.

8. Can I select a writer who will accomplish my paper?
Yes, it is possible to choose a writer who will write a paper for you. There are four options available for our customers. You can select your previous writer, advanced writer or just opt for a regular writer. To receive a think piece written by our most qualified employees, choose the top writer option.

9. Will I be charged for title and references pages?
No, title and references pages are included in the paper cost. Enjoy our freebies!

10. What to do if I am not satisfied with the paper?
If the received work does not meet the requested requirements or you just consider that something is wrong, our team offers three free revisions for you. Your paper will be improved and the result will not disappoint you.

11. When should I pay for the paper? Is it possible to do it after work delivery?
All our clients pay for the paper exactly after ordering. The option of payment after paper delivery is not available. However, do not be afraid to use our pre-payment services, we provide a great number of guarantees that ensure that your paper will be superior.

12. Why do clients need to undergo authorization?
Authorization is aimed to strengthen customers’ security and eliminate all fraud attempts. This is one of our solutions that provides clients protection and excludes making an order by robots or use of credit cards of other people. You can undergo a simple authorization procedure by means of email or phone.